A Brief Time in Our History

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Professor Stephen Hawking died yesterday, and I for one am very sad. I’m 47 years old and Professor Hawking should have died before I was born, having been diagnosed in 1963 with motor neurone disease, a condition which claims most victims within five years. Yet he survived and thrived for more than half a century, […]

The Mystery of the Unexplained

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Okay, so back in the early 80s, there was a fondness for magazine producers in the UK to release their products as fortnightly serials, building up to a full volume set after you’d been collecting them about a hundred years or so. I’m sure I recollect titles dealing with different battles in warfare and you […]

That was the easy bit…

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You go through a slightly strange period when you finish writing a book. At some point after finishing it, and whilst going through an editing and re-drafting cycle until you’re happy that it is totally done, you actually get brave enough to tell people that you’ve written a novel. Brave enough because you’re worried that […]

How to write a book…

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Writing and editing a book are strange things.  First of all you have an idea, and you write it down.  Then you have some more ideas, and you add them to the first one.  Before long you’re sitting at your desk, typing away in the dead of night, ideas flowing, desperately trying not to be […]

Adventures in writing

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Well that sounds cool doesn’t it? And it sounds far more exciting than saying; me sat at my laptop. This blog is reaching out to anyone interested in my writing or The Hand of an Angel particularly. My main focus is getting Angel to someone who is interested in publishing it, but I have got […]