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The Shadow Man

Idyllic memories?

A perfect childhood?

A secret buried for thirty years.

None of us could remember why we drifted apart – we were always so close at school…

That was thirty years ago, and I hadn’t thought of my school friends in all that time – it was like they’d never existed.

Then the dreams started.

Dreams that I knew I’d had before. Horrific dreams of fear and fire and death. Dreams of the Shadow Man – a ghostly urban legend who seemed to hang over my home village like an evil spirit. I’d begun to remember, and I knew we had to go back. What happened to us back then? Do we really want to know? Are we ready to face the Shadow Man again?

The Shadow Man – a terrifying new horror from the author of The Hand of an Angel. Perfect for fans of Alex North , CJ Tudor and Stephen Chbosky.

The Shadow Man, a dark psychological horror thriller with a devastating twist.